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Best Business Phone Services for Small Business

Small businesses have a hard task cut out for them. With the challenges they face to establish their business in the competitive, it becomes vital to take the best steps. While choosing phone services, VoIP has become a savior for small businesses. It allows your business to use advanced call management features to ensure customer satisfaction. You can make direct calls from the mobile or computer. Choosing VoIP can lower the costs compared to traditional phone calls while ensuring high quality.

About VoIP

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) refers to the internet phone service. The traditional phone services use landlines while the VoIP service uses the internet to make and receive calls. It is beneficial for a small business due to several features. The features of business VoIP include:

  • It uses a computer (desktop/laptop), mobile (android/iOS), and VoIP phone sets to receive and make calls.

  • All your employees can use one number to receive and make calls.

  • You can easily track call duration, wait times, hold times, and overall use of VoIP.

  • The VoIP services include caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, call routing, unlimited extensions, call queues, and many other features.

  • It is possible to use the same number used for business in other places as you wish.

  • You can avoid sharing your mobile number as you can use the business number to connect with clients.

  • If you have international clients, choosing VoIP can save money. VoIP offers cheap calling rates for local and international calls.

  • It also comes with internet fax, SMS, team messaging, and video conferencing features.

  • Business VoIP offers cheaper local and international calling rates.

While business VoIP technology offers a lot of flexibility to your small business, you need to choose the best provider to get the benefits. Else, you can face troubles. It will only cause problems for your business. To overcome challenges in VoIP calling, you need to get the assistance of expert providers such as eSmith IT solutions. Here are some of the reasons to choose eSmith IT Solutions:


eSmith IT solutions offer VoIP solutions that will never put a dent in your budget. The solutions provided will save money for your business and lower any costs that can occur in the future.


Instead of waiting for the service from a call center, the dedicated team at eSmith IT solutions offers one-to-one support to ensure your business faces no problems with VoIP calls.


The platform uses the latest technology that many major corporations use for their business. So, you get high-quality VoIP service.

Always choose a reliable VoIP service to assist you with your specific needs. eSmith IT solutions provide hands-on customer service to ensure your business operates smoothly to reach high-performance levels.

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