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Managed IT


Avoid adopting a universal solution for your unique business requirements.

Optimize your business's IT expenses by investing only in the services you truly require. eSmith introduces four distinct managed service options designed to align with your company's specific needs: Basic, Professional, Unlimited Remote, and eSmith ProCare. Many of these plans provide on-demand support and proactive monitoring to avert potential problems and future costs, offering both immediate and long-term financial benefits.

Network Monitoring:

Benefit from our around-the-clock network monitoring, designed to oversee every facet of your network. This vigilant service aims to identify and address issues before they lead to significant downtime, data loss, or costly repairs. We meticulously monitor several critical aspects, including server stability and performance, key service functions for Microsoft Active Directory, Exchange, and SQL Server, alerts for unusual or critical events, and hardware performance metrics like CPU, memory, and disk usage. Additionally, we oversee local backup operations and anti-virus measures, among others, ensuring comprehensive protection and operational efficiency.

Managed IT Solutions Features

Managed Cloud Services (Microsoft 365, Google Cloud, Azure, etc.)

End-User Support (PCs/Workstations, smartphones, and tablets)

Server Support (On-premise or hosted)

Network Support (Firewall, Routing, and Security)

Managed Endpoint Security

Managed AntiVirus / AntiMalware

Managed Backup - System or File Level

Remote Monitoring and Remediation

IT Managed Support Services North Carolina

Managed IT support is essential for businesses of all sizes, offering a pathway to growth through rapid assistance. Our managed IT support services extend across Charlotte, Mooresville, Concord, Huntersville, Gastonia, and beyond, providing you with authentic solutions and comprehensive endpoint security to keep your operations running smoothly. We proactively safeguard against security threats that could disrupt your business. Our professional team is ready to deliver Managed IT Support Services in Fort Mill, SC, and numerous other locations, recognizing the need for reliable IT support to foster uninterrupted business growth. With managed backup as one of our key offerings, we stand as a leading Managed IT Service Provider in North and South Carolina, as well as in many other states.

Why Partner with eSmith IT?




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Find Out How Much You Could be Saving with a FREE 30-Day Trial

eSmith IT – the all-in-one Managed IT support Charlotte

In today's competitive business landscape, investing in Managed IT support solutions is crucial for staying ahead. Choosing managed IT support services in Charlotte not only makes financial sense but also enhances productivity and growth. eSmith IT stands out as the premier choice for businesses seeking comprehensive Managed IT services.

For over twenty years, eSmith IT has been at the forefront of providing customized Managed services in Charlotte, offering businesses quick and reliable IT support without the need to juggle multiple providers. Just a simple call can connect you to a world of hassle-free IT solutions.


eSmith IT recognizes the universal need for improved IT environments across all business scales and industries, offering solutions that not only elevate your operations but do so affordably.


Why choose eSmith IT for Managed IT support?


If you want a reliable partner for managed IT support, you can’t find a better option than eSmith IT. Here are the benefits that you will claim with our managed IT support service:

  • eSmith IT is a leading provider of Managed IT support solutions in the US.

  • We offer tailored IT support solutions, crafted with your specific business needs in mind.

  • Our professional team ensures a seamless operational experience for your business.

  • Opting for eSmith IT's managed IT solutions can significantly reduce sinking & operational costs.

  • We provide our services at competitive prices.

  • Managed Backups from eSmith IT minimize downtime, ensuring business continuity.

  • A single point of contact simplifies your IT management, allowing you to concentrate on your core activities.

  • Our service includes 24/7 monitoring of your IT environment.

  • Access to a dedicated customer support helpline, staffed by friendly professionals ready to assist you.


Reach out to us today!


eSmith IT is the only name you need to consider for your managed IT solutions requirement. Achieve rapid growth and propel your business to heights that were unimaginable before from eSmith IT. With eSmith IT, you are guaranteed reliable Managed IT solutions at affordable prices.


Still have queries about our offered service? Do not hesitate to reach out to us.

What People Are Saying

"I was referred to you by Jason Efland who I respect and regard as one of the smartest technology agents Allstate has.  Having my own server and working with eSmith has decreased our down-time from approximately 4-6 times a year to virtually zero down-time.  If I do have problems or concerns, eSmith is gives sound advice on how to tackle the problem and where the problem needs to be addressed.  Many of Allstate’s brightest “mega-agencies” work with eSmith. They typically have had the opportunity to flush out the companies that can't meet our high standards, so that endorsement goes a long way with me." 

—  K. Lattanze, Kirt Lattanze Agency

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