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Phone System for Small Business
Greensboro North Carolina

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Greater Features, Greater Possibilities.

Whether your company comprises a team of 2 or scales up to 500 members, eSmith provides tailored business phone systems starting from just $9.95/month. Our phone system solutions incorporate advanced enterprise-grade technology, ensuring unwavering reliability while rivaling the cost of basic systems offered by other providers. For fledgling enterprises or small setups aiming to leverage VoIP for cost-effective communication, we present both hosted and on-premise alternatives. Hosted systems demand no initial investment, while on-premise setups yield swift ROI on equipment and setup expenditures. Larger enterprises can opt for on-premise systems compatible with traditional phone lines. Irrespective of your size, our solutions offer standard phone features like voicemail-to-email, user-friendly web control panels, virtual receptionists, and seamless integration across Windows, Mac, PCs, iPhones, and Android smartphones. Each user gains the flexibility to make calls via desk phones, computers, or smartphones, indistinguishable in quality. Our services span North Carolina and South Carolina, including localities such as Greensboro, Charlotte, Mooresville, Gastonia, Statesville, Rock Hill, and extend nationwide. If you've been in search of nearby VoIP providers, reach out to us today.


Business Phone Systems Services

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Stay connected at all times – ensure no call goes unanswered. Guide your clients to the appropriate team members swiftly using adaptable menu options and efficient call routing. Our virtual receptionist feature is designed to minimize unsolicited calls effectively.

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Retrieve and oversee your voicemail at your convenience, wherever and whenever suits you. Our platforms empower you to access voicemail through smartphone and computer applications, email, or traditional phone methods.

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Effortlessly modify your phone system within minutes, even without telecom expertise. Our user-friendly administrative panel enables you to enact changes seamlessly from any location, providing instant adaptability.

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Utilize your business phone number to make and receive calls through your mobile device, maintaining a consistent appearance as if you're stationed at your desk, regardless of your location.

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Simplifying virtual meetings has never been more convenient. Say goodbye to costly add-ons like Zoom or WebEx. Our platforms support gatherings with a capacity of up to 250 participants.

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Enhance customer communication effortlessly. Whether it's messaging through SMS, Facebook Messenger, or website chat, our systems empower both you and your customers to engage seamlessly – including the ability to share images.

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Third Party Integrations

Want more efficiency? Check out just some of our third-party integrations.

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Business VoIP Phone Service North Carolina

Simplify your business communications management with our Business Telecom Systems, serving North Carolina, South Carolina, and beyond. eSmith stands as a prominent VoIP phone service provider, ensuring seamless interactions with your clientele. Our Business VoIP Phone Service proves invaluable to businesses of all scales in North Carolina and various states, backed by dedicated customer support and personalized expertise. Offering VoIP Phone Systems in locales like Greensboro, Charlotte, Huntersville, and more, we guarantee uninterrupted connectivity.

Discover our Cloud Based Phone System available in Rock Hill, SC and other cities, renowned for its unwavering reliability. Embrace our VoIP Phone System For Small Business, catering to North Carolina, South Carolina, and other states. Elevate your business growth with our feature-rich Business VoIP Solutions present in Monroe and other cities, delivering tailored communication solutions for client engagement. Rest assured, your data remains encrypted and secure.

Connect with us to access Business Office Phone Systems across cities like Charlotte, Concord, Gastonia, and numerous others throughout the US. If you've been searching for "VoIP companies near me," our assistance awaits you today.

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What People Are Saying

“I've had eSmithIT as my provider for almost five years. Kevin and his staff are the absolute best! They are always friendly and available. I would recommend them to everyone!”

—  O. Georgi, Allstate Insurance

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