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3 types of VoIP services

VoIP is quickly becoming a significant way for your business to transform the way it communicates. Users can make calls conveyed over the internet using digital data from any place with a broadband connection rather than taking calls over analog audio signals (also known as through a traditional phone).

Why is VoIP so great?

Simply said, VoIP for business technology has the ability to boost an organization's total productivity by enabling employees to multitask and move about more freely. Did you realize, though, that VoIP services North Carolina can also help your business save money? How? Read on. You can save money that would otherwise have to go toward paying for regular phone services because VoIP employs software to make internet phone calls.

Why is VoIP so beneficial for businesses?

Other fantastic VoIP for business characteristics are:

  • Simple to set up, operate, and troubleshoot

  • Boosts efficiency, adaptability, and mobility

  • Scalable

  • saves money for businesses

  • combines with different business systems

  • accommodates legacy technologies (e.g., fax)

  • more effective bandwidth utilization

  • simplifies telework

  • The provision of rich media services (For instance, sending instant messages or placing audio or video calls.)

  • lowers the cost of the equipment and maintenance

The Three VoIP Types

Analog Telephone Adaptor (ATA)

Analog-to-digital converters are almost just what they sound like: ATAs. In essence, this straightforward and widely used ATA technology transforms analog signals from your standard phone into digital data so that it may be delivered over the internet. To make or receive VoIP calls, all you need to do is hook your phone cable into the ATA.

VoIP Phones or IP Phones

Even though they don't appear to be more specialized, VoIP phones, or IP phones, are a little more advanced. IP phones have an entirely other connector, known as an RJ-45 Ethernet connector, but maintain the typical appearance of a standard phone. All you need to make IP phone calls is a router (or a Wi-Fi hotspot) for your device to connect to. IP phones already have the hardware and software required to conduct IP calls.


Computer-to-computer methods are a simple way to use VoIP, arguably the simplest way. You can make or receive VoIP calls from anywhere for free if you have the necessary software, a fast internet connection, a microphone, speakers, and a sound card.

VoIP in the Workplace

Managing VoIP services for companies is part of IT solutions and support. Our telecommunications team at specializes in the provision, installation, and maintenance of your structured cabled networks, business telephone systems, and related telecom hardware. We evaluate your communication requirements in order to identify the most ideal communication system, but we don't stop there! Then, in order for you to maintain expanding and effectively communicating with your audience, we assist you in managing your systems and keeping your clients close at hand.

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