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  • Kevin Smith

Should You Backup Microsoft 365?

Microsoft 365, the online platform which gives businesses access to hosted and synchronized e-mail, calendars, tasks, notes, file access, collaboration, and a lot more, is in use by over 300 million accounts, propagated in part by the pandemic of 2020 and the push for remote work. There is not debating that the platform has been a huge success for Microsoft and the companies that have come to depend on the services and features available from a subscription.

What many people do not realize is that with the cloud storage provided by Microsoft there isn't a lot of data protection included. And I don't mean loss of all data, I mean inadvertent loss of some data. Microsoft protects itself by creating backups of the data associated with their services but only to meet minimum requirements and to ensure that if their services are impacted you are not at a loss because of the impact. Businesses are not, however, protect in a number of different circumstances. Such as:

  1. Legal and/or compliance requirements

  2. Security threats, both from internal and external sources

  3. Incorrect Microsoft retention policies

  4. Accidental or malicious deletion

In any of these cases data that you may consider safe because it is "in the cloud" may go missing without being noticed until that data needs to be accessed in the future.

There are a number of backup solutions that are available but if you would like assistance with this critical area of your business then eSmith has the tools, knowledge, and experience to help protect your business.

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